Product Description

ActiVote 32-UPPER CASE 
PROMETHEAN Activote 32 Upper Case Learning Response
Classroom participation is a huge (and sometimes complicated) part of the learning experience. It takes courage to speak up, and nearly psychic abilities to know who understands the lesson. ActiVote offers teachers and students a clearer answer—a friendly Learner Response System that makes sure every voice counts.With A–F voting capability, a fun to hold shape and intuitive buttons, ActiVote makes 100% class participation fast, fun and easy. Students build confidence with every vote and can track their progress through both instant feedback and scores tallied over time. Teachers find that spontaneity enters the classroom with ActiVote—polling can be performed on the fly, debate can be started at the drop of a hat, and assessment guesswork ends. ActiVote can download student results into spreadsheets and lesson plans for clear achievement records over time, and no one worries whether they’ll be called on and called out in front of the class.