• B-Tech BT8504 KIT

  • B-Tech BTEBT8504KITBB

  • SmartMedia Electric Trolley

    Designed for tables and interactive monitors, the trolley is height- and tilt-adjustable via remote control. It offers many application options. For example, combined with a surface made from glass or other material, an interactive ultra-short throw projector and a Notebook PC, the trolley becomes an interactive lectern and/or table. Or you can combine it with a Notebook PC and a 42- to 84-inch touch screen monitor to create a lectern or table with touch screen functionality. Includes four lock casters.The optional side shelf with high-impact edges offers support for a notebook, a document camera, books or other device. Thanks to the trolley’s adjustable height and tilt, children as well as disabled and wheelchair users can interact with the surface whatever the solution adopted.
  • VISION TM-IFP Flat Panel Floor Stand

    The TM-IFP features a dynamic cable management system which uses retracting reels to help avoid the power and input cables dropping into sight when the flat-panel is lowered. A simple cable remote control fits to the rear of the flat panel out of reach from little fingers. A stand-off bracket fixes the column to the wall and allows dado rail to pass behind the assembly.
  • VISION TM-IFPF Fixed Flat Panel Stand

    This robust techmount is designed to take very heavy interactive flat panels up to 115 kilograms.