Product Description

The World at Your Fingertips

At Promethean, we recognize that every classroom is different, and we believe in providing teachers with the right tools for their unique needs. To that end, in addition to our ActivBoards featuring ActivPen or a combination of ActivPen and intuitive touch interactivity, we now offer an option for those whose priority is touch-based interaction. ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch capability, Promethean’s unparalleled software, a classroom-tough magnetic surface and a respect for tight budgets.

With its speed of response perfect for swipe, pinch, zoom, and manipulation gestures now so familiar on smartphones and tablets, ActivBoard Touch is ideal for teachers operating in Windows 7 and Windows 8 environments.

Every ActivBoard Touch comes with Promethean ActivInspire Professional Edition software and access to Promethean Planet’s 80,000+ free teacher resources and online professional development, providing everything teachers need to create more active, inspired and engaged classrooms.

ActivBoard Touch is available as a 78” or 88” display with a dry-erase surface. The 78” ActivBoard Touch is available as a Mount System and the 88” ActivBoard Touch is available as a Mount, Fixed, Adjustable and Mobile System both with the choice of extreme short, ultra short or short throw projector.


Why ActivBoard Touch?

Intuitive and versatile
Reduce the technology learning curve, but retain the precision that Promethean’s ActivBoards are known for, with our multi-touch interactive display. Combining the dry-erase surface with the interactive functionality creates a solution that can be used for every occasion.


Switch between finger and stylus . . . effortlessly
Move from finger to stylus interaction to suit the needs of the lesson or the whim of the moment. With ActivBoard Touch, there’s no need to remove or replace the stylus in a tray or make a selection in the software. Just grab the stylus or ready your finger; the functionality of each is the same on ActivBoard Touch.


Collaborate and engage
Up to six students or a teacher and a group of students can work simultaneously and collaboratively with ActivBoard Touch’s multi-user functionality*, promoting collaboration and student engagement.


Make the most of your existing classroom tools
Not only does ActivBoard Touch work seamlessly with Promethean solutions, it’s flexible enough to complement most other existing classroom technology.

*See Technical Information tab above for more details.