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Compulocks iPad Secure Slide POS with Rotating 360° Kiosk White


The SLIDE Pro iPad POS kiosk is the perfect way to take your iPad POS device to a professional level in look and function.

The SLIDE Pro Kiosk has a full tilt for an easy was to reverse the screen for ideal viewing and safe interaction. A wiring pass-through cutout keeps the look clean and the 90 degree rotation makes it the perfect choice for both landscape and portrait orientation needs. The iPad POS kiosk has a stable,all steel base to prevent tip-overs at any screen angle.

Standard on all SLIDE POS models is the open sides for complete access to inputs and allows you to use the widest variety of card readers. Any card reader that uses the headphone,lightening or 30 Pin connector like the Square,PayPal Here,ID Tech Shuttle,ID Tech Unimag I and II,Magtek iDynamo and uDynamo,and many more will fit on the SLIDE Pro. The open side and ventilated design protects your iPad POS from overheating and crashing leaving you without a POS solution.

The SLIDE Pro Kiosk can be secured to a table or locked from behind with a cable lock and with its durable construction you can feel comfortable leaving it in any situation

Product Description

Compulocks iPad Secure Slide POS with Rotating 360° Kiosk White

  • Stand for tablet
  • steel
  • white
  • for Apple iPad Air; iPad Air 2
Manuf P/N303W257POSW



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