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Compulocks Universal Secure Kiosk “Rokku” (Premium Line) Wall / Counter Top Black



  • Mounting kit ( anti-theft enclosure ) for tablet
  • lockable
  • high-grade aluminium
  • black
  • mounting interface: 100 x 100 mm
  • surface mountable
  • for Apple iPad mini; iPad mini 2; 3; 4
Manuf P/N340B250MROKB


Product Description

Compulocks Universal Secure Kiosk “Rokku” (Premium Line) Wall / Counter Top Black

From the premium line of products,Rokku from lock or rock in Japanese,represents a new design of iPad enclosure with a high security lock and a rock solid frame.

The Rokku design includes a recessed frame for a full tamper proof enclosure. Access to the On/Off and volume buttons are blocked while still allowing for charging and limited audio port access.

Constructed of high grade aluminum makes the Rokku iPad enclosure extremely lightweight and durable at the same time. With soft edges and rounded corners the aesthetic of this enclosure is very appealing and fits all display environments.

Although very thin at only 3cm (1.18 in) deep,the sunken frame design allows for full cable management adding another level security to your iPad.


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