Promethean ActiView 324

  • Promethean ActiView 324 is a high definition document camera or visual presenter, which allows teachers to easily capture still images as well as video of items to be used instantly during instruction or saved and made part of an activity or presentation at a later time. Integration with ActivInspire and the ActivTable Software provides users of these solutions easy access. The ActiView 324 also comes with its own easy-to-use software.
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Versatile input modes
  • Superior image quality
  • Small and easily portable

Product Description

Promethean ActiView 324

Transform any object or document into an interactive teaching tool with one of the ActiView visual presenters. Share your work with the entire classroom or build an image library of everyday objects and extraordinary finds for use in your lessons. ActiView puts the whole world on display.

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