Synology Visual Station

Synology Visual Station

  • Standalone NVR
  • 36 channels
  • networked
  • Convenient live view and playback interface
  • Easy to setup, easy to use
  • Ideal for TV wall setup
  • Achieve flexibility through rich connectivity
  • Robust and certified hardware for harsh environments
  • Energy efficiency and compact design
Manuf P/NVS360HD

Product Description

Synology Visual Station

Paired with any Synology NVR server,VisualStation VS360HD,a video decoder,allows you to create an amazingly compact monitoring and playback station for your local teams – without a computer. VS360HD is ideal for deployments in harsh environments and where space is limited. In addition,it allows the main recording servers to remain hidden from prying eyes. VS360HD includes HDMI and VGA output to decode and display up to 36 video feeds with each camera configured at 720p/10fps.

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