VISION TM-IFP Flat Panel Floor Stand

The TM-IFP features a dynamic cable management system which uses retracting reels to help avoid the power and input cables dropping into sight when the flat-panel is lowered. A simple cable remote control fits to the rear of the flat panel out of reach from little fingers. A stand-off bracket fixes the column to the wall and allows dado rail to pass behind the assembly.


Product Description

  • VISION TM-IFP TECHMOUNT MOTORISED INTERACTIVE FLAT PANEL FLOOR MOUNT Fits any flat-panel LCD/LED screen which uses VESA mounting points up to 800 x 600mm. For interactive and non-interactive flat-panels. Linear-drive motor for smooth, quiet operation. Cable remote control. SWL 115kg. Wall anchors included for added stability. Dynamic retracting-reel cable management system. Integrated power output for flat-panel. Accommodation for cable-tying power distribution block or media player at rear (not included). Colour: aluminium column, other parts black.
  • Cable retraction
  • Remote control
  • Wall anchors
  • Shared power
  • Rear cubby
  • Hang and lock
Manuf P/NTM-IFP2

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