GRANT Scheme For ICT Infrastructure

departmentAs part of the implementation of the Digital Strategy for Schools 2015 -2020 Enhancing Teaching Learning and Assessment, funding of €210m for ICT Infrastructure will be distributed to schools over the five years of the Strategy, commencing with €30m in the 2016-2017 school year, rising to €50m towards the end of the period (2020-2021 school year). The first tranche of this funding (€30m) is now being issued to schools !

€4,000 for a 100 pupil school and approximately €11,000 for a 500 pupil school at primary level. At post-primary level, Minister Bruton said that the grant is worth circa €15,000 for a 500 student school, and over €27,000 for a 1,000 student school. Each year over 5 years – See more at HERE


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